Anti-Long is not dawdling, hanging around, catching flies, loitering, dilly-dallying, pissing about, or waiting for anyone to do their hair or eat their breakfast. It's not putting you on hold for the night, postponing anything for no good reason or leaving the house without accounting for traffic. It's not late buses, late trains or late anything else. It's not bad grammar, low quality jpegs or bloated code. It's not Vernon Kay, broadband tech support or the queue for club toilets, and it's not out of the office and unable to take your call right now/ today/ this year. It's not offering you glacier water with a cucumber slice* and it certainly isn't trying to seduce you with its closing down sale, its loyalty card or its range of introductory offers. It's not this.

Anti-Long is prompt and polite press & PR.
Design & development for print & the web.
Copywriting, common sense, good music.
A way of life.

Anti-Long does what it says on the ting.

*not yet anyway.



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